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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 25, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning to you. thank you for joining us. we have an update to break news in the east bay. sheriffs deputies are still on the scene of a neighborhood. they arrived early this morning near the intersection of via lucas. chase kain is live at the scene. what are you learning from deputy this is morning? >> reporter: still very little. we have not gotten anything confirmed. they are being tight lipped about what happened here. there are reports that two people were shot inside a a house. folks here at the scene say no one was taken to the hospital so either they weren't very serious or maybe they were fatal. maybe there were two people killed here. we are still waiting to talk to sheriffs dep. ties to find out exactly what happened here. there are several deputies here as well as detectives on scene. they have been in and out of a house here this morning.
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i imagine they will be here for some time. we will be here and continue to see what we can find out exactly what happened here. but for now, we are live, chase cane, today in the bay. >> thank you. more breaking news as well. this time on the peninsula. several people are spending christmas morning looking for a new place to live. this after a fire ripped through an apartment complex. it happened near the san francisco general hospital just after midnight. fire officials say one person was take on to the hospital with the extent of injuries are not clear at this time. crews were able to get control of the blaze pretty quickly, but several units were damaged. ten adults were displaced. the cause of the fire is under investigation. police are investigating a holiday break in spree with nine cars stolen in just a little over a week. the thieves do not have to drive off with their loot. today in the bay reports now each car was waiting to get
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serviced as a dealership likely with the car's keys in the ignition. >> reporter: police believe there are eyes scoping it it out here at the mall. thieves hitting the mercedes dealership and across the street at the toyota where six vehicles went missing this last weekend. >> one of my friends said we're living a real live "gone in 60 seconds." >> reporter: nine vehicles stolen from what were supposed to be secure areas. >> i feel like it was such a planned operation. >> reporter: his toyota was serviced, paid for everything and waited and waited for his suv. >> i came out and they said your car was probably stolen. >> reporter: as parents of two, the missing suv was the least of their concerns. >> what did we leave in the car that could lead them to come to
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our house and steal other things. i was just afraid what if we're home and somebody tries to take other things. >> reporter: police describe this as a crime of opportunity. they believe they were stolen waiting to get serviced or detailed. they were left unlocked with the keys in the ignition. >> they are taking care of your car and it's secure and it's not going to get stolen is what you think. >> reporter: there's the question of why it took so long to notice missing cars. a car parked december 11th was stolen eight days later. the staff realized a different car was missing december 13th reporting it it four days later. we could not reach any of the corporate offices for comment, but chp says this could be a sign of an organized ring. >> that's very often the case. it's on a much larger scale. there are isolated incidents. kids taking the car for a joyride, but often times it's a
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greater plan. >> reporter: they have been trying to find any silver lining not to let what happened dampen their holidays. >> the first i thought was maybe i'll get. a new car for christmas. >> the couple did get a call from chp saying they found it it in oakland along with two other cars. police says it's still trying to figure out who is behind all the thefts. oakland's top cop didn't take christmas eve off. take a look at this video here of the chief officer spotted a carjacked vehicle involved in recent robberies yesterday afternoon. when the interim chief arrived, the suspect tried to run away. that's when the chief rang into action, chased him down and arrested the suspect. offic officers later lirned that the suspect had a loaded pistol that was tossed during the chase. we have meteorologist anthony slaughter. how is it looking out there? >> we have another spare the air day for today, but we have some
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strong, gusty winds that's going to clear out some of the atmosphere. i have been reading the comments on facebook and twitter. a lot of folks just confused about why do we have so many in a row. we have had calm winds and not a lot of movement in the atmosphere. you can always go to for more. a lot of confusion with this just because we have not talked about it a whole lot. you can find out more about that. overall right now, we're looking at clear skies. it is breezy. this afternoon the winds will die down a little bit. it's going to remain bright. temperatures near 70 degrees here on this christmas day. a spectacular day headed our way. even with the winds helping to clear out the atmosphere a little bit. we'll find temperatures back into the low 60s by noon. even in the peninsula near 60 degrees near the noon hour. in san francisco right at 60
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degrees. the north bay expecting a similar situation. same for the east bay and for the valley. we have been talking about spare the air. we had 12 consecutive days over the past couple weeks. we're now on the 19th day for the whole month that will be sparing the air. this is going to continue. by friday things will improve. saturday things should at least start to clear out a little bit. a lot of confusion about this. no burning fireplace wood. you can burn a specific type of wood in your fireplace, but is the place to go to. back to you. >> the fines are hefty, so good to know. members of the british royal family will spend christmas at queen elizabeth's state. the they walked to christmas day service. prince charles along with his
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sons were also there. queen elizabeth is also expected to attend the service. it's not clear if prince george will attend the service. the sight of a cathedral is being brought to life. the 3-d animation is called christmas miracle and opens today. the animation took 800 hours to put together. the show is made up of various short pieces with characters that are interwoven with lit wane yan history. a giant sand sculpture in india is drawing crowds this morning. take a look at this sculpture of jesus. it's 30 feet tall, 75 feet wide. it's designed to send a message of world peace. it was created by a sand artist that took thim and 25 students three days to complete.
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it was finish ed by christmas eve. right now, 5:07 on your wednesday morning. the president and first lady offering their christmas message to america. if you don't feel like cooking, we're going to tell you who is open for business this christmas day. we'll be back. >> i'm from mcguire air force base. just want to give a shoutout to my family in california in the bay area. happy holidays. hope you guys are having fun. i'll see you guys soon.
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new this morning, no one was heard when two rockets landed in kabul just before dawn. two rounds of indirect fire hit the ground within the compound
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perimeter and did not cause any damage. three police officers were hurt when a roadside bomb exploided. officials found an unexploded bomb in the same area. just in time for the new year, residents of japan's fukushima prefecture get to go home. people living in the area will be allowed to stay at their homes until january 7th. one man returning home says he's happy to be back. he's not concerned about the radiation. government officials say 1700 people asked for permission to visit their homes during the new year period. an earthquake and tsunami triggered that nuclear crisis at the fukushima nuclear plant. people in maine and vermont are waking up without power. utility crews all over new england are working around the clock to help out.
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>> reporter: this is not the cri christmas tens of thousands of mainers imagined for themselves. thick ice is still weighing down trees and pulling downpourli dowdown power lines. people may be in the dark for a few more days. >> we work 17 on, 17 off. i go home at 6:00 at night, i'm back in at 1:00 in the morning. >> reporter: he's getting help from new england utilities. >> we have a lot of kids right now that don't have any power, no christmas lights. >> reporter: this lineman volunteered to work through the holiday to help his counterparts in maine adding urgency to the big job, temperatures were expected to drop into the single digits across maine. >> a lot of people don't have heat. pipes are going to start freezing. so the sooner we can get. up there and help the, the better for everybody. >> reporter: to the west in
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vermont where several thousand people still had no electricity for most of christmas eve, firefighters in some towns were going door to door to check on residents. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: they were letting people know about shelters and urging safe use of generators after a vermont man's death blamed on using a generator indoors. neighbors were also helping neighbors, lending food and equipment. >> we can get ahold of them for water, food, supplies and stuff. >> reporter: as for the crews helping connect the people, the crews are glad to lend a hand to other power providers through widespread outage, even if it means working on christmas. >> the business we're in, it's important to get the customer back on. it's what we do. >> reporter: we asked if they were disday pointed they would be giving up holidays with their families and they said not really. we know this could have been us in the dark and we'd want the help if that were us.
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>> good attitude there. we're lucking out here with good temperatures. so many folks are cold and can't get electricity. >> temperatures usually in the 60s and 70s. yesterday was warm. it was record warmth. we got up to 70 degrees in san jose. the old record is 1901. you have to go back over 100 years to when it was this warm on christmas day. that was christmas eve. we're talking about 71 degrees. the old record for today is still 70 set back in 1901. we're going to be talking about some long standing records being broke across the bay area. if it felt unusually warm for you yesterday, that's because it was. it hasn't been this warm in over 10 years.
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let's take a look outside. traffic is light. we have some wind to talk about this morning. this has been different from the past couple days. you can see the flag blowing. this wind is some good news. it's going to clear out our at months fear a little bit. we have to spare the air for today. it's unfortunate. you want to do some burning in the fireplace. you can go to spain to find out what you can burn. you just have to make sure it's the correct one. let's talk about the cooling headed our way today. today is going to be another mild day. through the day tomorrow and even by friday, there's going to be an area of low pressure that start s s to slide this way. we'll see our winds shift more of an onshore wind. and this system that's moving through, it's very weak. so it's not an organized system. it's going to fall apart as it moves this way. we may get a brief shower and drizzle at the coast.
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i don't think it's going to offer any showers. it it will be cooler by the weekend. take advantage of the weather we're expecting for today. 73 in morgan hill. the peninsula, into the 70s. san francisco, no 70s there. very comfortable for this time of year. the winds should die down. it should start to feel more comfortable. mill valley, that will be one of the warmest locations. 73 degrees. overall very comfortable conditions here on this christmas day. we have the spare the air once more through the next couple days. >> all right. i'm ready for some rain. the president and first lady wished everyone a happy holidays in this week's address. take a listen. >> this is a season for millions of americans to be with family to continue holiday traditions and show our gratitude to those we love. along the way, some of us might
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watch a little basketball or eat some cookies too. >> the majority of the address focused on men and women serving overseas this christmas. president obama said all of the troops are in his family's thoughts and prayers and pointed out that many of our troops and veterans might be home this christmas for the first time in years. not everything is closed for christmas today. we wanted to give you a list of restaurants that will be open in case you don't feel like cooking. compiled this list. hours and locations will vary. you should call ahead before heading out. this includes applebee's, denny's, hooters, ihop. if you need a caffeine fix, starbucks is open. the owners of a farm in texas are as busy as santa putting together packages of mistletoe to spread christmas
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cheer. their work is certainly a labor of love. >> reporter: down this road -- >> we have sent out thousands and thousands and thousands of mistletoe sprigs. >> reporter: there's a farm that's hard to find. >> you get up in the morning and know you're going to make somebody's day. >> reporter: there are signs of christmas here all year. the elves in this workshop never stop working. they own mistletoe u.s. they grow their own mistletoe. >> we'll go harvest at the farm and we'll pull it it down. we can pull down, harvest probably 500,000 pounds an hour. >> reporter: they package it up with love and ship it across the united states. >> this is going from here to san diego, california. >> reporter: this labor of love grew into real love. it must have been the mistletoe. >> we don't need the mistletoe.
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but it does help. >> we always grab. it. >> reporter: their marriage is two months away. donating the plant to help kill cancer is their ultimate plan. >> the european version is used for cancer treatment in certain colon cancers. >> reporter: in the meantime, it's crunch time. the clock is ticking closer to christmas. but there's always time for a quick kiss underneath the mistletoe. >> very swt. time is 5:1. caught on camera. how one man found a special way to give his girlfriend the ultimate christmas gift, an engagement ring. taking a look over san francisco here. merry christmas to you. we're glad you're with us on this early wednesday morning.
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i'm stationed in south korea. i want to say hello to my mom back home. she's in california. my baby girl jessica. all my friends, all my family, i miss you guys. hopefully i'll be home soon. i miss you all and love you all. see you soon. >> love those greetings. thinking of our troops who are not home on this holiday as we take you live to new york city. we're not only ones working today. the the lots of folks skating on the
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rink there. stock up on forever stamps. the cost of first class postage is going up again. the postal service is raising the price by 3 cents. it will cost you 49 cents for a stamp. it's set to be temporary until the postal service recoops $3 billion in losses that was brought on by the 2008 economic downturn. the higher rates will not last longer than two years. though inflation could make rates that high any way. they can be purchased at current price. the new rate goes into effect on january 26th. one who was dispatched to the report of a man down got more than she bargained for. when she showed up, it was her firefighter boyfriend and her family and friends. who surprised her with a
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marriage proposal. he planned this for months even get her sergeant in on the surprise. >> you bring so much joy and happiness to my life. i want you to be my christmas present forever. will you spend the rest of your life with me? >> yes. >> that's how you do it. the two have been dating for about a year. family and friends kept the planned proposal a secret until now. the bride-to-be says it's the happiest of her moment so far. >>. brings a tear to your eye. makehouse well up on christmas. that was great. we are waking up to clear skies across the bay area. a little breezy. gusts up to 30 miles per hour. that's going to be good news to help us clear out a little bit. overall temperatures in the 30s
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and 40s. we are talking about record heat. in fact, temperatures in the south bay in the 70s. even in the east bay and the north bay. san francisco, 65 degrees. that's record setting territory for today. we're going to break down the records and let you know if your city will top the list coming up in a bit. >> sounds good. love looking at all the christmas lights. if you can't beat them, maybe you shouldn't try. this seems to be the message that one family is sending this holiday season. the house put up lights that said ditto. she says the ditto compliments her neighbor's holiday spirit. >> every year they do this crazy over the top christmas decorations. you could never compete with it. >> the minimalistic approach to
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lights saves her household a ton on electricity costs. right now, 5:25. preps are underway to bring a special christmas meal to thousands of people many one bay area city who might not be able to get out today. plus the pope conducting his first christmas mass since become the leader of the catholic church. we'll share his message to the world. and dozens of fans taking a piece of candlestick home with them. did it happen too soon? why they may have to spend thousands of dollars to repair the stadium before it's demolished. this is major joe stationed in afghanistan. i'd like to send a holiday shoutout to my wife ashlee, my. daughter and son in california.
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welcome back. we continue to follow breaking news. deputies called out to a
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neighborhood. we'll get the latest update coming up next. plus a police officer investigating after a person is hit and killed by a light rail train this morning. what we are now hearing from officers. >>. another record-breaking day for record heat. not too warm. but we're going to talk about temperatures that will be back into the 70s later on this afternoon. a full forecast coming up. let's get a live look as we take you over san francisco and get things rolling on this christmas morning. this is today in the bay. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. breaking news to bring you. vta is experiencing some delays after a train hit and killed someone overnight. this happened on the highway 87 tracks between the capital expressway vta stations.
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drivers could see the train stopped. the train was heading northbound back to the vta yard and didn't have any passengers on board at the time. investigators are trying to figure out why that person was on the tracks. they put a bus bridge in place to the station in both directions. also we have an update to breaking news in the east bay. sheriffs deputies remain on the scene. they arrived early this morning near via lucas. chase cane is live at the scene. sounds like a terrible situation, especially for christmas morning. what do you know? >> reporter: a heart wrenching situation because we just confirmed with the sheriffs deputies that this is a murder-suicide. they were called out here to reports of a the shooting. once detectives got inside they learned it was a murder-suicide. we talked with a few family members who have gathered here. they say they got the call from their niece just a little while
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ago. this was a man and a woman who had been married for 16 years. the couple had four children. all indications are that the children were inside the house at the time. for now it seems that the children are not physically harmed from what happened this morning. those family members are still waiting to learn more from sheriffs deputies, as are we. there's a spokesperson on their way to the scene. the bottom line is that this is just a devastating thing to happen at any point and even more so on christmas morning. the family says they are out here and are waiting to just sort of talk to those children once they can see them and give them a hug and tell them that they love them. we will be out here this morning and continue to keep you updated on what happened here. >> terrible situation, thank you. this morning the family of an oakland teen declared brain dead is hoping far christmas
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miracle. they order them to continue life support temporarily. the teen has been on a ventilator for two weeks since complications following a tonsillectomy. the judge ruled after hearing testimony from an independent doctor. she meets all of the criteria of brain death. according to the law, the judge can only order the hospital to continue life support until december 30th at 5:00. the stay is intended to give the family time to decide whether they accept that she's gone, whether they'd like to file a legal appeal or would like to move her to another facility. health officials issuing a warning this morning after a san francisco food handler tested positive for hepatitis a. they work at the saloon in the north beach neighborhood. health officials say anyone who ate or drank there on december 12th through the 15th may have been exposed to the infectious disease. so far no cases of hepatitis a
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have been linked to the food handler who is currently restrict prd work until he or she is no longer contagious. fans trying to get a souvenir after the regular season game at candlestick could cost the city thousands of dollars. 100 seats and 25 signs were damaged during monday night's game as people tried to take a piece of the stick home with them. the playoff picture is still up in the air. so the items may need to be replaced or fixed if the 49ers end up hosting a post season game. some fans offered their own solutions. >> bring lawn chairs or 49ers pads to sit on. >> we'll find out on sunday if they will be the nfc champs or settle for the wild card spot. in order for them to win, they must beat arizona on sunday and the seattle must lose to the rams. hundreds of volunteers are rolling up their sleeve hs this morning to help repair and deliver holiday meals to those who cannot leave their homes. volunteers will start chopping
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up food and baking goodies from the christmas meal delivery program. 3,000 meals will be delivered to seniors and home bound people living in san francisco. the meal this year includes ham, green beans, yams, cookies, and hot chocolate. that sounds really good. checking in now on the weather, it's really wonderful what volunteers do to make sure christmas is nice for so many folks. >> it it makes all the difference when you come down to it. family and friends make this holiday special. lest show you what we're looking at now. clear visibility. the good news this morning is if there is any is that air quality even though it's going to suffer today and we are spare iing the air, we have some strong winds. we are talking about a little bit of a break if you suffer from respiratory ailments. looking at the skies, it's been
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so hazy. with highs like this, you can't complain. we're headed to see the east bay back into the 70s. low 70 nzs. the south bay starting off this morning in the 30s. by 9:00 you'll be at 41 degrees. then as we head through the peninsula, you'll see a similar situation unfold. 61 degrees there. san francisco expecting to see a very similar situation as well. 60 by noon. spiking up into the mid-60s through the afternoon hours. north baby 9:00, 35 degrees. very cold. not too bad as we see in the east bay. as we warm quickly, 62 degrees. even in the valley, expecting low 60s. 63 through the day by noon. talking about warm conditions today. eventually by this afternoon, the temperatures will soar back into the 70s. we're talking about record warmth for today. a few cities will get there. the old record is 75.
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you'll be close that at 75. san jose at 71. even livermore expected to get to 73 degrees. that old record is 67 degrees. so we are smashing records across the board. not everybody. san francisco airport, you'll be at 65. you'll notice the old record is 68. so close for some. but nonetheless, 65 degrees this time of year that's 9 degrees above average. it's going to be a warm day. pope francis just marked his first christmas as leader of the catholic church delivering the christmas day message to thousands of people who packed into st. peter's square. the pope prayed for an end to the conflict many syria and peace in the often forgotten central african republic. he wished for a favorable outcome from the peace talks between israelis and palestinians. it was a traditional lesson of
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light and love from a mostly untraditional pope. he broke tradition and replaced the statue of baby jesus in the the manger himself instead of having an aid do it. the message was simple. clean up your act. he's already served notice this new year that it could be the time for change bringing in outside analysts to recommend ways to improve the running of the catholic church. u.s. troops stationed in afghanistan took some time to celebrate the holidays together. soldiers based in kabul celebrated christmas eve by lighting candles, praying and singing hymns inside a chapel while it's hard to be away from their families, they are proud to continue their mission. >> i miss my family very much. i'm truly honored that i'm here while my family is celebrating freedom at home. >> this is the 13th christmas for american troops in
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afghanistan. if you're looking for a good way to get into the holiday spirit, take a look at this. today in the bay's jeanne ellie toured the bay area for some of the best holiday displays that outshined the rest. >> reporter: no fog in liver ho moor, just a long line to see the lights. dave and his team of volunteers strung more than 370,000 lights at his house on hillcrest avenue. this light show is months in the making. >> we start dropping cords in september. we start putting the lights up in october. >> reporter: the magic lights up all of december. >> i think it's pretty magical. you got to see the elves and santa claus. >> reporter: that's the reaction that keeps him looking forward to next year. >> i would like them to leave with the magic of the lights that bring peace upon people. so that's the fun of it. >> it's just funny.
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>> reporter: there's more fun to be had in danville. neighbors say this winter wonderland keeps expanding. this year decorations reached new heights. >> he was able to get a lift to the tops of the tall trees. >> reporter: kids of all ages are mesmerized. >> i see santa hanging up there. >> it it makes you feel happy and joyful. >> i think it's really cool. >> reporter: but it's not easy living next door. >> how do you compete with that? >> reporter: it's a simple display. people from near and far are enjoying. >> it just brought everybody together. it's a lot of fun. right now, 5:39. let's look at what's arriving in theaters today hoping to snag the christmas day movie goers. that's after this. plus breaking its promise. why ups says some packages are not going to get to your house
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in time for christmas. i want to give a shoutout to my mom and brother in alameda, california. i miss you and love you. happy holidays.
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good morning to you. as we look at san francisco, get things going here on your wednesday morning. christmas morning. thank you for waking up with us. target disputing new claims that the security breach that affected 40 million customers involved personal identification numbers. a senior executive familiar with the the situation says one major u.s. bank is afraid that thieves will be able to crack the code and withdraw money from consumer bank accounts. target says there's no evidence
5:43 am
that pin data has been compromised but admits that data was stolen. the secret service and justice department are both investigating the breach. and ups is apologizing to thousands of customer this is morning who will not get their gifts in time for christmas. this is what happened. the largest package delivery service says an unpredictably large number of shipments overloaded the system. they will not be working on christmas day. deliveries will start again tomorrow. the postal service will be delivering though. letter carriers will be on the job at 9:00 this morning preparing to make christmas day deliveries of priority mail express packages and also letters. the raiders may be out of the playoffs, but they are making headlines. the nfl is watching the war of words between dennis allen and terrelle pryor's agent. allen announced that pry your
5:44 am
would start against denver. hours later, pryor's agent responded saying they are putting the client in with the hopes he would fail. yesterday allen fired back. >> i'd say that's the stupidest thing i have ever heard. no coach in their right mind -- this isn't the real housewives of beverly hills. this isn't made for tv drama. this is football. and we make our football decisions based solely on that. nothing other than that. >> the raiders are 4-11 for the season. 3 of those wins came with pryor as the starting quarterback. matt mcgloin led the raiders to just one win during his six starts. the warriors are not getting the night off. they are gearing up for a christmas day game against the clippers. tipoff is at 7:30 tonight. you can see it on csn bay area. and tonight when the presents are unwrapped and dinner is over with, people will be heading out to catch a movie.
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take a look at what's next with raphael seth with a preview of all the films making their box office debut today. >> ben still r finds a new head space in "the secret life of walter mitty." his imagination takes over creating elaborate fantasies. when his job is actually threatened, he takes a risk in real life. the it's rated pg. leo dicaprio is in "the wolf of wall street." he thinks the american dream is too small so he starts his own firm using any means necessary to make money. even when the fbi starts sniffing the books, the threat of authority is not as strong as the pull of power. it's rated r.
5:46 am
merle streep antagonizes the whole family. she's the venomous may tree yark who lets no good deed go unscolded. it brings a flock of moving target os her home. but her daughters may start firing back. it's rated r. is it safe to say you have fallen and can't get up? >> geriatric boxers, they fought twice in their hay day with each winning once. on the eve of their third bout, he retired. now 30 years later they are getting back in the ring to see who comes out on top if they can survive the training. "grudge match" is rated pg 13. checking in now with meteorologist anthony slaughter. we need some rain around here. what are we going to get some? >> we won't get any before the year rounds out. we may get. a few areas of drizzle.
5:47 am
more coming up in about 30 seconds. we look outside. not a lot of traffic. we have clear visibility and even right now as we take a look in san francisco our winds are starting to gust up to about 30 miles per hour. and that's going to be the case at least for the morning hours across the coast. overall another bright day. let's keep the south bay in the 70s. one of the warmest at 73 degrees. in the peninsula, very close to 70. san francisco going to be even warmer from where you were yesterday back into the 60s. low 60s for today. north bay expecting to see some warm temperatures there as well. the valleys at 72. off to the east bay, a mix of 60s and low 70s. and that is record territory. so it's going to be another warm day as cross the bay area.
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this area of high pressure, our winds have shifted. they are an offshore wind. that's a warming wind. look what happens through the next couple days. each and every day this area of high pressure is going to break down. so by saturday, this area of low pressure starts to move in. so that's going to allow for some fog to build over the coast. we'll see that onshore wind and clear us out for our air quality. the system doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with. if anything, we'll get a few sprinkles by saturday and sunday. overall a few sprinkles is better than nothing. it will take it. they will be with us until we get that on shore breeze. take it easy if you have to do anything outdoors. it's been very unhealthy with the air quality remaining in that category through friday. >> it's been tough. thank you. thousands of christians are celebrating christmas today in
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the west bank town of bethlehem. christmas mass is expected to be packed today. the church was filled for christmas eve mass. leaders lifted spirits as they expressed hope for the coming year and would bring palestinians an independent state of their own. a warning for people who plan to spend their christmas day at the beach. keep your eyes on the surf. from wednesday through friday, there could be strong rip tides all the way from so know ma county. they are advised to keep off the rocks. and home for christmas, more than a week after a rare late fall wildfire forced about 100 people from their homes in big sur, they have been allowed to return. the u.s. forest service says that the so-called fire destroyed 30 homes. it it burned 1.4 square miles in the national forest. nearly 200 firefighters are spending christmas there making
5:50 am
sure that the fire does not flare back up. also a followup for you this morning. success, you could say. the numbers are in and san francisco's last chance toy drive collected more than 10,000 toy toys in less than 24 hours. that toy drive started yesterday at 5:00 a.m. they didn't stop until just a couple of hours ago. the popular union square bar holds the toy drive every year to collect presents for children who didn't get anything from the city's various other toy drives. 5,000 of those toys have already been distributed. time is 5:50. we're going to show you how america inspiring other countries to celebrate christmas. also some call them ugly but the creator of these holiday sweaters say, no, they are masterpieces. meet the woman who made a business out of the ugly sweater tradition. >> i'm pete campbell in germany.
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want to say happy holidays to my brother out in california. merry chis mass and i love you. hope you're enjoying it it out there.
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a small village in denmark is setting up christmas american style. the decorations are familiar in the u.s. over here, but over there the holiday lawn displays are less common. people who live in the village say they are inspired by the lights they have seen in american holiday movies. 45,000 people go to see the lights every december. the village says it's been a tradition now for 20 years. well done. it's a loud and tacky fashion trend, but ast all part
5:54 am
of the fun for one woman who designs and sells ugly christmas sweaters. >> reporter: jessica prefers you not call had ugly. >> i make them tastefully tacky. >> reporter: some would call it it unique, creative, festive, but jessica says it's all about fun. >> you need candy canes. candy canes are essential. my signature little birdies and you always need your bows. >> reporter: just like santa, jessica labors out of her workshop. >> by day it's my workshop, by night it's my son's room. >> reporter: she's whipped up sweaters that would make even scrooge smile spending at least an hour per day assembling, organizing and gluing. >> it's a a neat thing to see something you took and you made
5:55 am
it and someone else is just showing it off. >> reporter: two years ago she decided to make a business venture out of her hobby. she sells her creations on facebook and etsy. >> this one would run about $20. the one i want you to put on is $55. >> so i have to admit the ugly made me feel pretty. jessica says once the holiday season ends, all of this goes away. >> i will be sad because i'll come in here in the morning and it puts you in a happy mood. >> i think she does a nice job there. would you put on one of those sweaters? >> yeah. for the holiday spirit. just to come to work on a regular day, i don't know. i'm so picky about what i wear. we have consultants and all
5:56 am
this. lest talk about what we're looking at right now. we're in the 30s across the bay area. it's very chilly. hard to plooef. we're going to be talking about record heat. it's 37 degrees in san jose. 50 in san francisco. santa rosa just fell to 30 degrees. by noon we'll break into the s 60s. we're talking about 70 os in the inland valleys. 10 degrees above average. my gift to you. >> very nice. thank you so much. two days before christmas a cab driver in las vegas returned a bag containing $300,000 in cash to the passenger who left it in the taxy. six stacks filled the bag while some are asking him why he did not keep the money, he has a simple answer. he says it was not his to keep. >> why? because it did not belong to me.
5:57 am
i just want to do the right thing. >>. after calling police, the money did end up in the hands of the passenger who left it. a well-known poker player on the strip. you want to be extra careful if you're it hitting the beach for christmas. plus homeowners have a lot of takes on the holidays. some go all out for the holidays. we'll explain after the break. and all over the world getting a little time off to celebrate the holidays. more greetings from our men and women overseas after this. good morning nelly! woah.
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hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet. right now, breaking news. a christmas morning tragedy. police activity and a shooting investigation inside a home early in morning. we're live with new details. also breaking news in san jose after a trespasser struck
6:00 am
and killed by a light rail on highway 87. a christmas message from the pope. how the leader of the catholic church broke with tradition overnight. after a record-setting day yesterday across the bay area, san jose got to 70 degrees. breaking that old record set back in 1901. today even warmer. breaking another record from 1901. we'll talk about the full forecast coming up. taking you outside right now on this christmas morning as we give you a live look at san francisco. it is christmas day. this is today in the bay. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. if you're celebrating christmas today, merry christmas. i'm peggy bunker. breaking news where there's a heavy law enforcement presence. a murder suicide investigation is underway at a home it there.


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